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Archfiend: Part III of the Angel Crush Saga

Archfiend: Part III of the Angel Crush Saga

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By Violette L. Meier

He’s back! Khalid Tucker, son of a fallen angel, has grown into a remarkable young man and is college-bound. For most, college is a time of experimentation and enlightenment, but not for Khalid. For him, college is a time of murder and mayhem, new love and broken hearts, family struggle, and testing loyalties. Archfiend is a dark coming of age story that reveals the conflicted heart of a seductively nefarious young man and the infinite turmoil of those who love him. Supernatural twists and turns guide the reader through a thrilling urban fantasy that will pull at heart-strings as well as incite terror. The Angel Crush saga continues. There is no rest for the wicked!

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