Thinking about Prince...

This past Mother's Day, my husband bought me a record player with one album, Purple Rain. I put needle to vinyl and fell into a paisley trance. You see, Prince was and is my favorite artist. His passion and creativity fueled my passion and creativity. As a writer, his lyrics inspired my poetry, my prose, my fascination with the secular and sacred co-mingling.

I can remember the day he died. I was at a work lunch downtown Decatur when the news came across the flat screen TV handing on the wall in the sports bar we were occupying. When I heard the news, I froze, food in hand, mid-bite. A dull ache started in the center of my heart.

Understand, I'm not a fan girl. I don't kiss the TV screen or sleep overnight on concrete for concert tickets. I don't care enough about any star's personal life to read the tabloids or keep up with the latest gossip. I simply admire phenomenal talent and Prince was truly a phenomenal talent and more. He was a musical revolutionary, a disrupter, an innovator, a sensual madman, a guitar plucking, piano playing, drum beating, microphone master. Prince was a drug and alcohol-free natural high. For Prince to die before his time was impossible. I saw the news. I heard the news, but I knew it had to be a hoax. There was no way that Prince could be no more. No way! Way... Seven days later, my mind was still spiraling. My muse was gone.

On April 28, 2016, these were my thoughts: 

Seven days ago the greatest musical artist who has ever walked the earth, at least in my eyes, left the world.  Prince Rogers Nelson baffled the world with his sudden passing on April 21, 2016.  It was a bittersweet day because his death date is my youngest daughter’s birthday; the only spark of joy on a disconsolate day.  My mind could not wrap around his passing.

When I heard the news, my heart stopped.  It was impossible.  His royal badness dead?  There would be no more Camille, Jamie Starr, Joey Coco, Christopher, Alexander Nevermind, or the symbol that had no name.

No!  No!  No!  

Secretly, I thought he was immortal.  Prince was surreal, magical, and titillating.  He embodied pure unadulterated sexual power, musical genius, iconic style, cheeky wit, perpetual controversy, and unprecedented talent.  No one could give you the side eye like Prince.  No man in the world could be prettier than the prettiest woman and still make your heart swoon.  

It was a blessing to share a lifetime with such an influential person.  He was the king of rock, pop, funk, and soul.  His music and I had the greatest romance that's ever been sold.  Prince was all that and three bags of chips!  

Needless to say, my heart was shredded into a pulp of crimson tears.  Never will there be another like him.  He was my muse, a master lyricist, my artistic inspiration, a true sexy MF who could make you work up a black sweat.  The doves are crying and the world is going crazy as his death circulates in the morning papers.  He was pure gold worth more than diamonds and pearls.  Who else could make you get off then sing about the Christ?  Although he could never take the place of your man, he was insatiable and positively scandalous.  My pillow was soft and wet with tears because death was the thief in the temple.  Damn you for dying and leaving the world in such a void!  I guess I just gotta let it go.  My emotions have gone around the world in a day mourning the beautiful one.  I hope he entered heaven wearing pink cashmere. Prince, I truly adore you. Nothing compares to you.  Be at peace playing your tambourine in God's sanctuary. I know that you are laughing in the purple rain.

In his honor, I promise to strive to be as prolific as he was.  My soul weeps for him, but my heart knows that he has transcended to a better place in space and time.  He made it to the after-world of never ending happiness where the sun is shining day and night. 

Shine bright sweet Prince.  Someday, I will meet you in the light.

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