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How to Write a Book

Often, people ask me for guidance on how to write a book and many are underwhelmed by my simple advice: just write!

Yes, writing can be a long and arduous process but that’s the only way to start and finish a book. There is no way around it. Outlining, brainstorming, writing synopsizes, contacting agents, asking for advice, creating characters, world building, researching publishers, or researching how to self-publish is all well and good but if a writer isn’t writing, a book will remain an idea for infinity.

Starting is usually the most difficult part of writing. Sometimes I create a document and just write one sentence. That one sentence is all I need to start the process. I have a computer full of these one-liners waiting to develop into an unforeseen literary world. Some of them will sprout into short stories, others will flower into whole books, and others will wilt away within the purgatory of my computer.  

Sometimes I don’t have a sentence. I just can’t string enough words together worthy enough for me to jot down, so I start with a title and begin brainstorming book cover ideas. A start is a start, and a start is something to be deeply proud of. The most important thing to do is put something on paper or computer and commit to adding on to that something as often as you can. Now you can officially brag that you are finally writing your book. Keep going! I can’t wait to read it.

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