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Son of The Rock Reviews

I have a new favorite author. This was a great read. I couldn't put it down and looking forward to a third book in the series maybe? -Amazon review

The Rock Has Spoken! Once again, Violet L. Meier, does a terrific job in pulling her readers into her books. The Son Of The Rock, the sequel to, Angel Crush, was a great read.

Sadie's life calmed long enough to add a new addition to her family, another son, but her happy home is about to be challenged in ways that Sadie never could imagine. The demon who raped and stole her father's life from her is back, and adding more chaos and grief.

Sadie is at a standstill and don't know what to do. The only person who truly understands her and her predicament is her dear friend Sky, but the last time they spoke their friendship wasn't left on the best of terms. Years have passed and once again, Sadie needs Sky's friendship, love, and strength to get her through this rough patch in her life. Does Sky come to Sadie's rescue?

Their last encounter was so unnatural and scary. Do you want to find out? Then get yourself a copy of Son Of The Rock, you won't be disappointed. If you haven't read Angel Crush, you don't know what you're missing. Two reads, that will definitely keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. -Amazon review
Five Stars! Great book a fast paced page tuner. Can't wait to see how the characters progress in future sequels.-Vernard Covington
Goosebumps, a Very Good Read!

Goosebumps....This book feeds into the imagination and makes one appreciate the spirit world and warfare happening that some can see and some cannot. The action and situations in the scenes are so vivid, I found myself talking back to the characters(LOL).

I picked up this book and could not put it down. I have to say I immediately contacted the author at the end of "Angel Crush" asking when the sequel would be ready so I was elated when she started posting on social media that the book was on the way!

If you like a good read, even if you think SciFi/Fantasy is not your thing you HAVE to get this book and "Angel Crush"! Every scripture used in here can be found and confirmed. You do NOT want to miss out on this book! I'm wondering if possibly another book is in the works.....hmmmmm.

Highly Anticipated Sequel. "Son of the Rock" is the highly anticipated sequel to "Angel Crush". In "Angel Crush" we were introduced to the main characters Sadie, James, Sky, and a demonic Angel named, Turiel. The story provided such vivid imagery and was a great read for supernatural enthusiast; definitely left me wanting more.

I was ecstatic, when the Author, Violette Meier, brought back the characters in the Son of Rock. This time she introduces, Khalid, who is Sadie's and Turiel's son. Man oh, man is this book filled with twist and turns. She really took me for a loop when Turiel, takes over Mama C 's body.
Of course, you can't have a good book without some chick trying to take your man. I was rolling when Sadie politely said, "Having a side chick mentality will hurt no one but you. We have enough low rate homewreckers in the world."

When Sadie seeks help for someone to help get her mother back, I was taken aback when a nun, ( who was also a friend), said, "I'm sorry...All I can offer you are prayers". I wanted to just read her the riot act! Enough spoiler alert....I sincerely hope there is another part to this book! Much success to the Author.
Violette L. Meier's writing style can only be summed up in one word - BRILLIANT! Her creativity and imaginative spirit leaves the reader intrigued and sitting on the edge of their seats. She writes with such ease as she fluently tells of tales that are complex in subject, yet she makes it quite painless for the reader to comprehend. She has me hooked!- Monica Y. Gibson, President of Book Club, Le Livre Amant (Book Lovers) Club of Metro Atlanta
Son of the Rock was absolutely mesmerizing! Author Violette L. Meier pulls you into a world that feels eerily familiar with its twist and turns. The author is meticulous in her descriptive prose. I enjoyed every moment.- Urban Light, Author of 10 Life Lessons I Learned From a Broken Heart


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Angel Crush Reviews

Angel Crush is a tantalizing page turner, which weaves suspense, lust, thrills and ultimate reality into a perfectly crafted square in the quilt of fantasy literature. Regina Yvette Hall, Author of What's on the Menu? A Sexy Scrumptious Poetry Collection.

Angel Crush quickly engages the reader in the lives of ordinary people who face extraordinary challenges when the spirit and mortal realms collide in an apocalyptic struggle for both passion and power.  Violette Meier cleverly weaves antiquity, romance, and fantasy into a modern story that is as old as Creation, with characters that are as human and flawed as they are angelic and idealistic.  Entertaining and provocative, Angel Crush explores the complexities of loving relationships; love has the power to guide and sustain people, but unconditional love comes at a cost.” Dr. Guy Pujol, Jr, Professor of Theology, Interdenominational Theological Center

Warning! Turn up your lights when reading Violette Meier’s latest novel, Angel Crush. This supernatural page turner will have your heart pounding as her characters face an ancient evil as old as time!  I recommend Angel Crush without hesitation. Chris Berman, Author of The Hive and Red Moon

A Must Read Supernatural

Angel Crush, written by Violette Meier, is a gripping novel that keeps you turning the pages. The author takes you into the lives of the Covington family.

Mr. and Mrs. Covington's daughter Sadie is the apple of their eye. Sadie is their only child and they would do anything for her. Sadie is intelligent, beautiful, successful, caring, and loving. She is about to embark on another chapter in her life and she is very excited. One bright, sunny, quiet morning, Sadie gets a mysterious visitor that has not been invited into her home. All Sadie remembers, after waking up on the floor and finding herself sexually violated and portions of her hair turned silver, is hearing a noise while completing her morning puzzle.

Mr. and Mrs. Covington are concerned about Sadie's well being and will do anything to secure her safety. They set out on a mission to protect their daughter and will stop at nothing to make sure she's safe and living a carefree life. They know Sadie is in danger but can they protect her?

James, Sadie's fiancé, thinks the world of Sadie. James finds himself in an unusual situation when he learns of Sadie's mysterious visitor. When James questions Sadie, she leaves out important details that will send their relationship on a roller coaster that neither one of them want. Will their love survive this unusual situation that they find themselves in?

This is my third urban supernatural read but my first by Violette Meier. I have to admit this is the best one yet. I really enjoyed this book. Violette Meier does such an outstanding job working her pen. She leaves you floored with her profound detail while leaving no rock unturned. Sab Bennett

This is a must read!!!

I must say there are only a couple of black authors that I like, due to poor character development and sometimes their characters are more like caricatures. That being said, the characters in Angel Crush are both believable and well rounded, I can vividly see them in my mind's eye. I am such an avid book reader that I can normally predict what will happen, with Angel Crush that is not the case. I would recommend this book to those who are looking for a nontransparent plot and characters that are truly three dimensional. Lisa Shepherd

Supernatural Page-turner

Violette Meier brings to us an intriguing supernatural tale of lust, unconditional love and destiny. In Angel Crush, Meier captures the reader with her creative interpretation of an old prophecy set in modern day America. Meier is boldly imaginative and does a stupendous job of weaving mythical/biblical history into the plot of this horrifying tale. Angel Crush is a page-turner filled with shocking surprises and the supernatural. As this frightening story unfolds, the reader witnesses the destinies of the characters and humankind revealed through a series of events smartly crafted by Meier to include the themes of fate and the foreboding seven deadly sins. I found myself wanting to unearth the mystery behind what really propelled the horrifying events to occur - fate or freewill - only to find the chilling aftermath of the harmonious marriage of the two. Alexandra Mane

Intense. Funny. Deep. Your Heart Will Race.

Once in awhile there comes a novel that does everything right. Not perfect, but right. I'm picky about what I read, more so with urban fantasies since I tend to lose interest halfway through most of them.

Not so with Angel Crush. Author Violette Meier has written a page-turner that packs teeth. Once you start, you won't wanna put it down, and when you do, you're gonna kick and scream to get back to reading this book cause you're gonna find yourself worried about the characters as the story unfolds and gets more intense. That's a warning. Your heart will race, make no mistake about it.

Forget silly prologues and several-page long expositions. Meier wastes no time introducing us to Sadie and her predicament, and she does so in such deeply descriptive ways that will leave readers breathless and writers smirk with envy at her poetic, if not downright musical, writing style. But it must be said that Meier succeeds where many authors fail in that she never lets her razor-sharp descriptions drag the story; actually they enhance the story, if anything.

The book never drags. Not one bit. The pacing? Excellent.

I liked the characters a lot. Be it Sadie's parents, her fiancé James and his buddies Luis and Forrest (the dialogue between those three had me laughing non-stop; I found myself laughing at several points reading this book) or the other unique characters. I was able to picture each of them talking and taking action.

What I found most intriguing was the way Meier wove together the themes of sexuality, spirituality, doubt and faith into a her story and how it got more and more interesting as it progressed, culminating to a very poignant conclusion that will probably have many book clubbers discussing its ending for months.

Look out Dan Brown, you've got competition! Franlin Costillo

Could not put it down!!

This book gives action from the first word and it is worded for those of us with vivid imagination. I could see the entire book playing in my head and also made me want to find out what myrrh smells like. LOL!! I could see all of the characters, almost their facial expressions and with it being written in my currrent city, it was very neat! The Tuckers and The Covingtons..classic! It makes one pick up the bible again to see what the story really says; definitely a different take/spin on the story of the end of the world as we know it.

Very well written! If you like a good story, with well-developed characters that flows, you need to pick this up. I promise you will not put it down until you are finished!!

Enjoy your "Angel Crush"! ;-) Annissa Elliot 


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The First Chronicle of Zayashariya: OUT OF NIGHT Reviews

This Classic Story of Good vs. Evil has it all including a Jekyll and Hyde Theme 

Out of Night is a fast-paced ride involving the spiritual and physical worlds. The world of Night has every evil imagined as well as a well-known roster of demons with a few thrown in by the author. When Princess Zayashariya realizes that her mother, Queen Lilith, and the other demon board of directors wants to seduce or force her to become a member, our heroine devises a plan to escape her mother's clutches. Although the demonspawn of Lilith, Zayashariya hates being around all of the darkness and malevolence of Night and knows she is totally unlike her mother and the rest of the demons. 

When the spaceship created for her escape crashes on an Earth-like planet, Zayashariya traverses along a desolate landscape until she finds the town of Wilzasp. That's when the trouble begins. Although she tries desperately to fight her cravings, her evil side takes over and she must kill to survive. When the citizens of Wilzasp begin dying in horrible ways, the townspeople of course go after the dark stranger, Zayashariya. When she finds love with one of the town's prominent citizens, she tries even harder to overcome her evil nature. But, can true love be strong enough? Can Zayashariya prove that her evil mother's nature does not control her? 

Out of Night is a well-written story of the struggle between good and evil. This novel of good and evil has everything, including a heroine Dr. Jekyll struggling with her Ms. Hyde. Brenda K. Wynn, Author of Silverdream & Bloodfire, et al.


Not usually a fantasy book reader, but I was recommended this book by a friend. I picked it up and could not put it down. Truly an excellent read and it keeps you glued to the pages. Sarika Kalantre Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia

This is a must have!!!!!!!!!

This book will have you flipping through the pages in anticipation of each thrilling moment in the world of Night. "Out of Night", is a sexy,action-packed,supernatural thriller, that will leave you craving for more. Mysterious, sensual, and thrilling... this book will overwhelm your senses. A superbly written blend of fantasy and spirituality; Out of Night was completely mesmerizing. Regina Yvette Hall, Poetress, Arlington TX 

"...Violette Meier's, The First Chronicle of Zayashariya is without a doubt one of the most original novels I have read in the last seven years...Meier's novel is very interesting and beautifully narrated. 

Out of Night may indeed have its flaws but there's no escaping the fact that it's still a great book and Violette Meier is definitely an author to look out for. Bring on the second chronicle." 
Rating: 4/5 - The Lucid Review, 

Meier's groundbreaking The First Chronicle of Zayashariya: Out of Night will be the criterion of the future; by which all cutting-edge literature is measured. Excellent! Science fiction smoothed out on the spiritual tip with a dramatic feel to it. Meier's superior orchestration of multi-genre writing in Out of Night is simply impeccable. A true hypnotic, literary elixir that cannot be consumed...because it consumes YOU! Meier's revolutionary writing style will be a benchmark for years to come. Marc Lacy, Author of The Looking Heart and Rock & 



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This Sickness We Call Love: Poems of Love, Lust & Lamentation Reviews

Heart Shattering and beautiful! Meier writes poetry you can feel. Tina ATL, erotic poet
This Sickness We Call Love is inspiring and deep. These words hit close to home! Evadne Ford




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Tales of a Numinous Nature: A Short Story Collection Reviews


Tales of a Numinous Nature by Violette L. Meier was such a good book.  I read it from cover to cover in a day because I was unable to put it down!  I loved it. Roberta Thornton 


The stories were engaging from start to finish.  They ranged from being creepy to funny.  I would recommend Tales of a Numinous Nature to anyone who loves to be entertained. Vernard Covington


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